A snapshot into what her future held...

A snapshot into what her future held...
Zhukovka, Russia

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year!

I have a few minutes to sit down and do one of my favorite things... write! I don't get a lot of computer time these days, so I just have to make it count in spurts, I suppose!

I hope you all are having a great start to the New Year! We certainly are! The best part... we are in the right mind-set to kick off a new year! We are refreshed from our trip to Russia, although, I must admit, it really did us in for about two weeks straight! To suffer jet lag, a stomach bug, a show up in Toledo (for my publicist job) which always requires little sleep, emotional stress of leaving Julia behind in Russia, and ho, ho, ho... "better be ready for Christmas" - - wow, that was a lot all at once! The only thing that got us through was support from our family and friends. My super thoughtful step-mom and sweet sister did an amazing job, keeping our household running while we were gone, and when we got in at 1 a.m. (after flight delays in New York), we found our home immaculate... fresh sheets on the bed, dishes all done, floors swept, food in the fridge, laundry done... are we blessed or what?! All of this helped us to ease into life and recover from the trip, indeed.

So... back to the "right mind-set" part I mentioned above! I want you all to know some New Year's resolutions I've come up with, which by putting this out there, you all can hold me accountable!

1. I want to live a more simple life. My inspiration... God and the trip to Russia. Less of worldly things that cloud my mind and cause me to be less productive.
2. I want to slow down... I try to squeeze in too much in a day's time. Instead of constantly worrying about clutter and messes, I want to take in fresh air, sunshine, and silence. Yes, busy body me plans to sit down daily and just... listen... to nothing!
3. I want to read a daily devotional. (I did this last year, and it was very healthy for the soul.)
4. I want to help get the children at the Zhukovka Orphanage adopted. God has placed this on my heart, and I look forward to how he'll lead me in this.
5. I want to continue praying with my galz weekly and meeting with my wonderful adoption support group.
6. I want to make healthy meals for my family nightly... no more garbage-always a result of stress and lack of time.
7. I want to exercise a lot more to help my body -and- my mind... the goal to limit chiropractor appointments!
8. I want to write more, and I want to read more... both healthy for the soul.
9. I want to spend time with and support all of my friends, because without them, I am not me.
10. I want to soak in every precious moment with my sweet husband and three children, be mentally "present" around them at all times, and know in my heart that God has placed me... exactly where I'm meant to be.

Well, those sound good for now. I'm sure there is more I wish to accomplish in 2011, but for now, my children happen to be in bed, so I think I'm going to go do #2 from the list above.
Silence is Golden!

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