A snapshot into what her future held...

A snapshot into what her future held...
Zhukovka, Russia

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our 3 Artistic Children!

I love walking into our kitchen! It's a kitchen that certainly doesn't compare to those in designer magazines... but yet, it is ARTFUL. I love the quote by Oscar Wilde:

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

All three of our kids have unique temperaments. Now granted, there are still many things about Karis we do not know, and interestingly, there are many things about herself that even she does not know... yet. Simply stated, children in orphanages do not have a lot of life experiences. They eat the same meals everyday... they wear the same clothes everyday, for a week. Children in orphanages have only one outlet... the television. That's how they "experience" life... that and through their art, should they be gifted. We are able to see that Karis is a perfectionist. We watched as her hand was very steady, her face very stern, as she drew people and animals. Also, the way she would organize her room at the orphanage and the sewing projects she showed us made it clear, detail is very important to her. Evan's temperament... he is focused, confident, and mellow. Stress does not touch Evan. Karrigan's temperament is one of... passion! She is passionate about everything she does. She is a good communicator, humorous, and always planning ahead!

It's neat to watch kids as they grow older... and you start to see who they will become. We love watching our two at home and can't wait until our third is here so that we can know her better. For now though... we turn to the art. Three very unique children we have... and three "styles" of art, that I love to admire each day, as I walk into my kitchen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring be near!

It seems there is little time to relax these days. Our lives are full but blessed. Nightly, we have homework with the kids (both kids now that Karrigan is reading), Evan's basketball practices, Cub Scouts, and any other meetings that pop up. We are now having to re-do some adoption paperwork in preparation for a possible March court date. Our regional coordinator, in Russia, is hopeful she can have us ready to go then, and we'd likely get to bring Karis home in April.

Some new friends of ours, in a nearby town, just had their court date (same region in Russia) and will bring their little one home very soon! It's so good to talk with people going through the same process, who have been to the same places, and know some of the same people! It's also comforting to see that in the end, the process works! So far, I know of three families who have had success... and all from the same region.

We mailed a care package to Karis a week ago, hoping she would have it by Valentine's Day. I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of it, there were a lot of pink and red items inside, including a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I hope our sweet girl knows how much we love her and are trying our hardest to keep the process moving so that she can finally come home to a family!

I'm praying that the winter storms will die down by March, and travel will be easier than it was in December. March will not only be welcomed for warmer temperatures and sunshine, but it will certainly help alleviate the gloom we've been feeling missing our girl! Spring is known for bringing about new life and new beginnings... this family is ready to bloom!

Bryansk Home

Bryansk Home
My two favorite colors together seem to be common in Bryansk homes.