A snapshot into what her future held...

A snapshot into what her future held...
Zhukovka, Russia

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Referral is coming!

Oh my all...

Many things have happened with the adoption, the last two weeks! It truly has been an emotional roller coaster filled with uncertainties, questions, and surprises! I can't wait to have more time to write about exactly what has happened, but the end result is all GOOD... no- - it's not good, it's GREAT!!!

One of the biggest things we have to share is that our daughter's name isn't Sveta (Svetlana) as we were originally told. There was a translation mistake, and our daughter's name is actually Julia! The little girl who we have been dreaming about, praying for, and staring at her photo on the fridge is actually Julia, not Sveta!

Sveta is another little girl at the orphanage who is Julia's friend. Sveta is 10, and Julia is 11.

Our agency e-mailed us Friday with wonderful news. The lady working on our behalf, in Russia, plans to get the referral of Julia for us on Nov. 8th! This is a huge deal!!! Once we have the referral, we can make our first trip to meet Julia, then plan for court, when we will finalize the adoption.

We, also, received new photos of Julia, and she is just beautiful! I'm not just saying that as the proud mom- -she truly is a beautiful, little girl, who is getting too big, too fast!!! She has bright eyes and a very sweet smile. Her features are so very similair to our Evan.

Anyhow, because of all of the new information that has come our way, the missions trip with my dear friend, Julie has been put on hold. Instead, Kevin and I will be traveling in the next few months for our actual adoption. We will take supplies, clothing, vitamins, etc. then. We can't wait to meet our girl, face to face! Kevin was just talking about it this morning, and we were wondering what that first visit will be like! We're also wondering what Julia must be thinking right now- - last week, they took photos of her at the orphanage, so she probably knows something is up!

We hope to travel to Russia with a friend, also, adopting from the same orphanage. Our friend lives in California, and she too, is adopting an older child.

Well, must get the kiddos ready for a Halloween party this evening. We are enjoying the fall season and are ready for our harvest to come in... that of a sweet, 11-year-old girl who will complete our family.

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