A snapshot into what her future held...

A snapshot into what her future held...
Zhukovka, Russia

Monday, July 5, 2010

All good things must come to an end

As I wipe the sweat from my brow, I can take pleasure in a job now... done. Our lavendar has all been picked. I'm sure the bees are not especially happy with me; however, as we all know, all good things must come to an end. While those pesty, yet necessary, bees have enjoyed their daily nectar, Kevin and I have enjoyed the fragrant aroma coming through our bedroom window each evening. There is nothing like the delicate smell of lavendar... at least we think so. It does not appeal, however, to dear Evan. I can understand where he's coming from though, because it's hard for me to believe that lavendar is in the same family as mint. I do not care so much for mint, as when it hits my tongue, I almost feel a shock to my system.

The pale, purplish color of lavendar appeals to curious Karrigan, and she enjoys inhaling the goodness of the flowering plant while playing outside. She also enjoys the fact that lavendar draws her very most favorite things on earth... butterflies! Luckily, she has been content seeing only white butterflies zooming through the flower spikes. The colorful butterflies tend to hang out on the cone flowers.

I'm sure our sweet Sveta will enjoy the lavendar, as well, since she will get to partake in the lavendar soap-making process with her brother and sister. That is what we shall do with these glorious flowers and flower buds. Perhaps by the time we get Sveta, we will be set up to make lavendar honey! Now that is something to think about in the coming year.

Sooo many uses for lavendar: Saches, potpourri, soap, honey, in baked goods such as scones, candied for cake decorations, herbal teas, dried flower arrangements, aromatherapy... I could go on...

Reflecting now... it is a bit sad to say goodbye to the lavendar this year. However, time moves on, and for that, we are grateful. That means we are days closer to meeting our "newest"... sweet girl.


Cool fact: Essential oil of lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It was used in hospitals during WWI to disinfect floors and walls. Who would have ever guessed?

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  1. How cool is that. I wonder if we have lavender growing in our yard...HMMMM i need to learn how to do all those special things you do!


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